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Cable Cylinder Actuators

Tolomatic cable cylinders are a cable actuator that can be isolated from any work area with extended cable lengths for maximum application flexibility. Choose from four different cable cylinder designs: double acting, single acting, double purchase and track.

Tolomatic Double-Acting Pneumatic Air Cylinders

Double-Acting Pneumatic Air Cylinders

The Tolomatic double acting pneumatic air cylinder offers the widest variety of sizes and options
Double acting pneumatic air cylinders offer a cost savings over rod cylinders when strokes exceed four feet and provide a versatile space-saving design.

Tolomatic Single Acting Pneumatic Air Cylinders

Single Acting Pneumatic Air Cylinders

The Tolomatic single acting pneumatic air cylinder provide a cost saving advantage over double acting cylinders.
Ideal for vertical lifting applications, single acting pneumatic air cylinders can be positioned horizontally and still achieve a vertical movment.

Tolomatic Double Purchase Pulley Actuators

Tolomatic Double Purchase Pulley Actuators

Double Purchase pulley actuators double stroke lengths up to 120 feet (36.5 m) without increasing space requirements.
The Tolomatic double purchase pulley actuator can double the stroke and velocity of a double acting cable cylinder with considerable cost-saving advantages. Double purchase pulley actuators can also be operated when placed away from hostile environments where motion is required.

Tolomatic Track Cable Cylinders

Track Cable Cylinders

Track cable cylinders provide a pre-engineered guide and support system.
A track cable actuator’s guide and support system can offer greater bearing surface than other types of cable cylinders and carry larger loads.