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A Note From the President of All Air, Inc.

Dear All Air Customer,

We felt it necessary to make you aware that we have been notified by a number of manufacturers of price increases and surcharges resulting from Tariff Section #232 and Tariff Section #301, which have been recently implemented by the President of the United States.

Some manufacturers have already implemented surcharges which exceed 20%. These are manufacturers where by the entire product is manufactured overseas, or a substantial amount of the componentry comes from overseas. Others have indicated that there will be price increases or surcharges in the very near future.

It is imperative you understand, that even if we have not yet been notified by a particular manufacturer, we think there is still a good chance this may occur on products industry-wide. As a loyal customer of All Air Incorporated we wanted to make some recommendations which might assist you in limiting the effects these tariffs have on your bottom line.

Please review your inventories, outstanding quotes, and future needs, and let us know how we can help. Many manufacturers are still willing to accept blanket orders which will protect the price for the near future.

We would also like you to consider allowing us to quote you on products you may purchase elsewhere. In many cases we are able to offer the same brand you are currently purchasing or an appropriate interchange.

We do not like being the bearer of bad news, but making you aware of situations that will directly affect your business, and helping you through it, is what a reliable vendor like All Air Incorporated will do.

Cliff Steinkamp
All Air, Incorporated