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Extensive Product Line

  • Valves


    We offer pneumatic valves including solenoid valves, pressure sensors, air piloted valves, check valves, glue valves, foot pedals, and flow controls from Allenair, Asco Scientific, Fabco, Generant, Humphrey, Mead, Parker, Schrader Bellows, Sinclair Collins, and Skinner.
  • Pneumatic Actuators

    Pneumatic Actuators

    We distribute stainless steel cylinders, guided cylinders, pick & place actuators, pancake cylinders, multipower cylinders & presses, rodless cylinders, rotary actuators, and grippers from Allenair, Fabco, Humphrey, Mead, Parker, Precision Pneumatics, Rotomation, Schrader Bellows, Springville, Tolomatic, and TRD.
  • Fittings & Connectors

    Fittings & Connectors

    Included in our product selection are brass fittings, flow controls, push-in tube fittings, multi-purpose valves, quick-disconnect couplers, hose fittings, compression fittings, needle valves, and brass barbed fittings from Alkon, Alpha, Fabco, Parker, Pisco, SPC, and Tomco.
  • Electric Motion Control

    Electric Motion Control

    Our electric motion products include screw and belt-driven actuators, stepper motors, pressure sensors, motion control systems, panel meters, linear bearings, brushed and brushless servo motors, amplifiers, drives, encoders, PLC's from Autonics, Bayside, Rollon, and Tolomatic.

  • Compressors


    We offer a variety of extremely quiet Jun-Air oil and oil-less compressors with cabinet and dessicant dryer options.
  • Aluminum Extrusions/Frames

    Aluminum Extrusions/Frames

    We offer FRAME-WORLD Structural Aluminum Framing Components including connecting brackets, fasteners and accessories, plus Fast Frames pre-assembled panels and doors that allow for a variety of design and assembly options.
  • Shock & Energy Absorbers

    Shock & Energy Absorbers

    We offer shock absorbers, air springs, elastomeric isolators, hydraulic rate controls, gas spring units, and wire rope isolators from ITT Enidine.
  • Specialty Items

    Specialty Items

    Our selection includes miniature air motors and drills, and rotary work tables. Their small size makes them perfect for getting in and out of tight spaces from Micro Motors, Inc. and Allenair.

  • Filters, Regulators & Lubricators

    Filters, Regulators & Lubricators

    Our product line includes FRLs for lubricating and filtering compressed air including pressure and vacuum switches, pressure regulators, vacuum regulators, and more from name brands like Airtrol, Arrow, and Watts/Parker Pneumatic.
  • Electronic Sensors & Controls

    Electronic Sensors & Controls

    Our electronic products include pressure and vacuum switches, panel meters, proximity switches, timers, vacuum regulators, light curtains, and programmable controllers from Airtrol, Autonics, Canfield Connector, Contrinex, Parker, Pinnacle, Schrader Bellows, and Trol.
  • Bearings


    We carry a variety of Rollon bearing products including linear bearings, roller bearings, cross rollers, long aluminum sliders, and telescopic rails. Rollon also offers belt driven linear actuators.
  • Dryers


    All Air Incorporated carries pneumatics products including air dryers, coolers, filters, lubricators, regulators, bronze mufflers, and any device for the preparation of air from Parker.