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All Air Incorporated Rains Down on “Noah”

When director Darren Aronofsky gave the word to let it rain, close to one hundred valves opened up and allowed more than one hundred thousand gallons of water to be released and fulfilled the most important part of the movie “Noah.” All Air’s technicians worked closely with the special effects company to develop a water dispersing manifold system. These elaborate manifolds were then lifted up by a crane and positioned to cover the staging area. The effect was even more dramatic as the director used night lighting to enhance the scene.

Our Work On "Noah" - Water Dispensing manifold

The valves used were air pilot operated ball valves, manufactured by Universal Components Inc. There was a combination of 1” and 2” valves used. All valves were set to be spring opened, for a quick and consistent response.

All Air Inc. has been involved in special effects with the movie industry for many years. With such films as: Analyze This, Bourne Ultimatum, Godzilla, Date Night, and The Smurfs, and has also been involved with made-for-TV series such as Boardwalk Empire and Angels in America, and many others.

We encourage you to go see this amazing movie, and think of All Air Incorporated, when it comes to tough applications.

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