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Enfield Technologies

Enfield Technologies' patented servo-pneumatic systems provide infinitely variable control of pneumatic devices such as air cylinders and pressure vessels.Enfield Technologies systems are the preferred choice of designers in industrial automation, product testing, and animatronics because they operate faster and smoother than alternative systems.

ls-v25s_small Valves

The LS System enhanced pneumatic valves are designed for higher operating pressures than the standard line and continuous use at high actuation frequencies such as for precision pressure control.

ls-c10 Controllers

We offer a variety of controller solutions from Enfield to meet your pneumatic requirements.

actuators Actuators

The ETA Series is an economical pneumatic linear actuator that contains an internal Linear Resistive Transducer (LRT). It is ideal for applications where traditional magnetic position sensing is not acceptable.

ls-c30 Signal Source

The ASG-1 is a convenient variable voltage signal source.  Common applications are automation systems, test and measurements stands, and R&D projects.

d1 Drivers

The D1 PWM Valve Driver is designed specifically to drive and manage Enfield Technologies proportional valves. It converts a proportional command voltage into a -1.1…1.1A current signal to drive the valve’s linear force motor (different from a solenoid valve).

Positioning System

Enfield has just released the S2, a servo pneumatic proportional control system offering an all in one pneumatic system capable of positioning heavy loads at high speeds for lower cost than competing electric drives and hydraulic systems.