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Proximity Switches

Proximity switches are about detecting movement and maintaining quality control. Our proximity switches are able to reliably deal with the most critical demands for information. These switches feature all-metal housings, right-angle optics, and analog outputs.

Most Contrinex proximity switches are manufactured in our own factories by highly trained and qualified staff. The key processes are bonding, SMD assembly, trimming, final assembly, and potting.

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Contrinex switches are self-contained, non-contact position sensors. Not only do they not contain parts prone to mechanical wear, but they are also virtually insensitive to environmental influences. They are preferred for applications with exacting requirements, such as reliability, switch-point accuracy, switching frequency, durability, operating speed, etc.

Contrinex Switches Contrinex Switches

Contrinex Mini Mini

The Smallest Inductive Sensor in the World

Just twelve millimeters in length and three millimeters in diameter - these tiny dimensions make the MiniMini the smallest inductive sensor in the world.

The MiniMini impresses with its high switching frequency of 8 kHz and excellent temperature stability from -25 ° C to +70 ° C. Alongside the standard version with a plastic cap Contrinex also offers a version with a ceramic sensing face. This type is pressure resistant up to 200 bar and has IP68/IP69K protection. With a plastic cap the switching distance is 1 mm; with a ceramic cover it is 0.8 mm.