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Coilhose Pneumatics is the Industry's Leading Manufacturer of Air Tool Accessories and Air Line Controls. From hose and tubing to blowguns to FRLs, Coilhose provides unsurpassed quality, superior product design, and a vast array of products.


Our new patent-pending FilterPlug incorporates the features of an in-line filter directly into the pneumatic connector, or plug. Ideal for pneumatic nailers, sanders, or any tool operating in a dirty, dusty, or sandy environment. This unit provides at-the-tool filtration and reduces tool wear and downtime.

Description Model
1W ARO Interchange, 1I4~ MPT 1401lF
1/4" Industrial Interchange, 114" MPT 1501LF
1/4~ Automotive Int, 1/4" MPT 1601lF
1W ARO Interchange, 318" MPT 1403lF
1/4" Industrial Interchange, 318" MPT 1503lF
114~ Automotive Int, 3/S" MPT 1603lF
3/S" Industrial Interchange, 318~ MPT 5S01 LF
3/S" Induslriallnterchange, 1/4" MPT 5S03lF
318" Automotive Interchange, 318" MPT 5901lF
3/S" Automotive Interchange, 1/4" MPT 5903lF
Filtering Connector Element Kit IlFC-KIT

Economy Regulator Complete with Gauge and Quick Disconnects

Designed for in-line use with small, portable compressors, this unit provides accurate yet cost-effective air regulation. The regulator features a die-cast zinc body and comes complete with dial gauge and 1/4" Industrial or Automotive Interchange coupler and connector.

Description Model
Regulator wI 1/4" Industrial Interchange ER02-15X
Regulator w/1 W Automotive Interchange ER02-16X

Manifold Coupler / Whip Hose Assembly

This assembly eliminates stress on the main air hose connection point at the compressor. Constructed of heavy-duty components, including 3/8" Flexeel® whip hose and solid brass Flat Hex manifold, this assembly can be connected at the compressor itself or further down the line to branch as many as three air lines.

Description Model
24" w/lndustrial lnt. Couplers FP0624C-15X_58C
36" w/lndustrial lnt. Couplers FP0636C-15X_58C
48" w/lndustrial lnt. Couplers FP064SC-15X_5SC
24" w/Automotive Int. Couplers FP0624C-16X_59C
36" w/Automotive Int. Couplers FP0636C-16X_59C
48" w/Automotive Int. Couplers FP064SC-16X_59C
Note: Default color is blue, Add suffix "TY" for yellow or "TR" for red color choice.

Typhoon® and Typhoon Pro® Adapter for Gun Tips and also Adapter & Tips Kit

This adapter allows our Typhoon Blow Gun to employ a wide array of standard Coilhose Blow Gun Replacement tips, Needle Blow Gun TIps, and Safety Extensions originally designed for use with our 600 and 700 series and our 771 style blow guns. The TYP-TKOt Kit includes: HFN-ADP & 5 Blow Gun Tips: 3 different Needle TIps: SNT-2, SNT-3, & SNT-4 and the Safety Rubber Tip: SAT13 & Standard Rubber Tip: SAT16.

Description Model
Typhoon Blow Gun Adapter Only HFN-ADP
Typhoon Blow Gun Adapter Kit with Tips TYP-TK01

Note: While the use of Safety tips keeps the Typhoon OSHA compliant, Non-safety tips used on the Typhoon via this adapter render the Typhoon Non-5afety while such tips are used.

Coilhose Pneumatics New Air Blow-Off Systems

Description Model
Single 12” flexible stay put hose ABO4-12L-01
Double 12” flexible stay put hose ABO4-12L-02

Both Models Feature:

Economy In-Line Lubricator

This lightweight zinc and polycarbonate lubricator is designed to be installed at the tool, to deliver lubrication directly to the tool itself rather than to the hose.

Description Model
1/4" NPT In-Line Lubricator 40024
1/4" NPT In-Line Lubricator Display 40024-DL