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Super High-Speed, Rod-Style Actuator

Tolomatic Super high-speed, rod-style actuator


This application required extremely high speeds for part positioning. Positioning of the actuator required it be angled downward as parts are moved. As a result, the actuator needed to move fast enough to overcome the laws of gravity in order to keep the parts positioned on the actuator's rod. Traditionally, these types of speeds were only achievable with pneumatics or a linear motor solution. In this case, a pneumatic cylinder had been used as a linear motor was too costly. However, the actuator had problems with consistent part placement and excessive energy consumption.


Tolomatic created a cost-effective, patent pending custom electric belt-driven actuator design capable of achieving the required speeds of 100 inches/sec with consistent part placement. The actuator utilizes a servo motor solution that is controlled using Add-On Instructions (AOI) over EtherNet/lPTM for easy integration.

Other Applications

Replace high-speed, low-force pneumatic cylinders in applications such as product kickoffs, escapements, part placers, and many more.